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Chickpeas. Evolved.

Unlocking the potential of the best bean on earth.

We’ve been eating The White Bread of chickpeas.

For the past 50 years, we’ve been largely eating one species of chickpea – which was bred for high yield.

We’ve been eating The White Bread of chickpeas.

We’re missing out on useful genetic diversity

For the past 50 years, we’ve been largely eating one species of chickpea – which was bred for mass production.

But wild chickpeas are an incredibly diverse group of legumes, all with different genetic traits. Many of these lost traits could have a massive impact on today's food system.

What is a Better Chickpea?

By harnessing ancestral genetics, we’re breeding chickpeas that are WAY BETTER for farmers, food producers and (most importantly) eaters.

75% More Protein

Compared to conventional chickpeas

Better Nutrition

More fiber, nutrients and better gut health.

Better Functionality

Improved flavor, texture and color.

Better Sustainability

Requires less water, regenerates the soil & improves climate resilience.

New Chickpeas =

New Economics =

New Possibilities

By nearly doubling the protein, NuCicer makes chickpea products that are more affordable than ever – unlocking new possibilities for food and beverage brands


Protein Shakes

Pizza Crust

Plant-Based Meat



Power Bars






Nut-free nut-butters


Powered by Chickpeas

Protein Shakes

Powered by Chickpeas

The perfect ingredients for the world’s best plant-based foods.

NuCicer chickpeas are a game-changer for any food application.
Better Beans
Tastier, more diverse, more nutritious whole chickpeas.
Functional Flours
Pastas, baked goods and beyond with more protein and no gluten.
Protein Powders
Incredible plant-based protein with no gluten or GMO concerns.
Bespoke Trait Packages
Curated ingredients designed to fit any food product.

A one of a kind
Chickpea Innovation Platform

The complete genetic library of chickpeas

Nature-based precision breeding

For 20 years, our scientists have collaborated with chickpea researchers all over the world to create the largest pool of chickpea genetics on earth.
More genes means better genomic models, so we can select for traits with speed and precision. All with a nature-based, non-GMO process.

The seeds of a healthier food system

More regenerative agriculture

Profitable, resilient crops that improve (not degrade) the health of farmland.
More product possibilities
More functional and affordable ingredients means more possibilities for food companies.
Healthier, happier eaters
Better plant-based foods means a better future for humans.

Show today’s eaters what chickpeas can really do...

NuCicer enables food companies to offer tastier, healthier, more sustainable products.