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NuCicer was a mission that found a business, not the other way around.
After more than 20 years of gathering and studying the vast array of chickpea genetics, our team of scientists and agronomists decided that this wealth of potential needed to be shared with the world. Our unmatched breeding and management expertise and wealth of genomics and bioinformatics makes NuCicer the leading authority on chickpeas.

We are working with farmers, producers and policy makers across the globe to improve the health and well-being of eaters and ecosystems alike. We believe meaningful science, natural innovation and tasty products are the key to creating the regenerative food system the world so desperately needs.

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Our Team

Kathryn Cook
Chief Executive Officer
Kathryn is a technical and business manager with proven success managing multimillion-dollar programs across industries including materials science, aerospace, and artificial intelligence. Kathryn brings her expertise in organizational leadership, complex program management, and building large-scale multidisciplinary teams. She has long been passionate about reducing humankind’s global environmental footprint and ensuring a sustainable environment for future generations.
Sean MacEachern
Chief Technology Officer
Sean has spent 20 years at the intersection of cutting-edge tech and agriculture - harnessing big data, finding new applications and utilizing advanced analytics to address critical agricultural challenges. From early-stage startups to multinational breeding companies, Sean has built and led teams that deliver valuable digital solutions and breakthrough innovations to breeding programs. 
Neha Singhania
Chief Commercial Officer
With 15 years of strategic, investing and operational experience in the industry, Neha is a seasoned dealmaker who has devoted her career to improving our food system for the better. As a former Mckinsey consultant and private equity investor - she has helped dozens of food and agriculture companies achieve strategic growth. Prior to NuCicer, she led Strategic Partnerships for Impossible Foods - unlocking growth opportunities across supply chain, product innovation, R&D and new markets.
Doug Cook
Chief Scientific Officer
A world-renowned plant and microbial geneticist studying chickpea and nitrogen fixation. Doug is a professor at University of California, Davis. He leads a multimillion-dollar, international effort to innovate agriculture through chickpea science, and is among the decade's most highly cited researchers. He and his team’s extensive knowledge drive the technology platform at NuCicer.
Paimun Amini
Board Member
As the Sr. Director of Venture Investments for Leaps by Bayer, PJ drives the development and execution of a broad investment strategy to accelerate innovation in agriculture and food. He has spent his entire career in the agriculture/food industry seeking scientific and technological developments that will have a major impact on the future of agriculture and our food supply. PJ has worked with Leaps by Bayer on its investments into: Sound Ag, Rantizo, Ukko, Grao Direto, and Apollo Ag amongst others and has amassed over 25 years of board experience.

NuCicer in the News

The perfect ingredients for the world’s best plant-based foods.

NuCicer chickpeas are a game-changer for any food application.
Better Beans
Tastier, more diverse, more nutritious whole chickpeas.
Functional Flours
Pastas, baked goods and beyond with more protein and no gluten.
Protein Powders
Incredible plant-based protein with no allergens or GMO concerns.
Bespoke Trait Packages
Curated ingredients designed to fit any food product.

We’re retelling the story of Chickpeas.

By improving our staple foods, we can improve our food system as a whole.

Old Chickpeas

NuCicer Chickpeas

Optional Ingredient

Everyday Staple

Healthy bean

All-Around Superfood

Static species

Dynamic genetic family

Wheat, Corn or Rice

More Diverse Food System

Climate Friendly

Regenerative Solution